New Dining Format:
Fixed, Small Groups

The new format started on October 1, 2020

Due to the ongoing need to have limited social circles, the Dinner Devils are moving to a more structured format. All attendees will be added to a group of 5-6 people and that will be your dining group. 

The dining groups


3 Dinners per month
on Tuesdays & Fridays

    • Alistair H
    • Adrienne C
    • Julie G
    • Michelle I
    • Vic P
    • Wendy E


2 Dinners per month
on Mondays & Wednesdays

    • Christina D
    • Eden W
    • Eva L
    • Jennifer S
    • Teri J
    • Zoltan V


2 Dinners per month
on Fridays & Saturdays

    • Atiya M
    • Carmen K
    • Donna S
    • Olga C
    • Peter D
    • Phil D


3 Dinners per month
on Fridays & Sundays

    • Andrei
    • Nick
    • Al A
    • Guida A
    • Jennifer K
    • Yoko L


2 Dinners per month
on Fridays & Sundays

    • Andrew
    • Barbara D
    • Betty L
    • Charine R
    • Kathy L
    • Michelle C


2 Dinners per month
on Tuesdays & Thursdays

    • Andi B
    • Cheralyn O
    • Helen
    • Krystal G
    • Ruth L
    • 1 open spot


2 Dinners per month
on Mondays & Wednesdays

    • Aggy K
    • Connie B
    • Kris
    • Rita L
    • Tom K
    • Manuela H

How it will work


Check the calendar

At the end of each month, a calendar will be posted for the following month listing the dates and restaurants for each group.


Get notified when a dinner is posted

Dinners will continue to be posted two weeks in advance. The major differences with this new system are:

  • The name of the group will be mentioned in the title
  • All the members of that group will be added to the dinner by default
  • There won’t be a waitlist or any means for anyone else to join the dinner

This is an example of how the Dinner Devils’ events page on MeetUp will look with the new system:

Note that there is no button to join the dinners as only the members of each group will be able to attend.


Reverse RSVP

Since each member of the group will be added to each dinner by default, instead of opting in you will now be opting out (if you can’t make it).

This is a major difference to how the group runs. It’s now more important than ever to have your notifications turned on so you are alerted when a new dinner has been posted for your group.


How were the groups picked?

I asked each member to fill out a basic survey with information that was used to assemble the groups. I tried to keep people who work at home in groups together, and members’ availability played a big role in determining who they’d be with. Then it was the frequency of wanting to go out, while also trying to ensure there are a few males in each group. It was like playing people Tetris!

Can I switch groups?

The purpose of this new system is to help maintain smaller social circles, which doesn’t work if people are moving between groups. However, should your availability change and your schedule no longer works with that of your group, reach out to me on MeetUp.

How long will this new system be in place for?

Until there is a vaccine or until we are allowed to broaden our social circles again.

Do I have to go to all my group's dinners?

No, there is no obligation. Since you took the time to complete the survey it is assumed you are interested in remaining active in the group, but to what degree is your choice. However, if more people show interest in being placed in a group, inactive members will be contacted to see if they want to retain their spots.

What is the minimum number of people for a dinner to go ahead?

As long as there are at least three people attending, the dinner will not be cancelled.

Can our group suggest restaurants we'd like to go to?

Absolutely! Just fill out this form and if the restaurant takes reservations, I will set it up for your group.

Are you interested in joining a dining group?

Please fill out this survey as it will give me the necessary information to place you in an appropriate group. You must already be a member of the Dinner Devils MeetUp group to be placed in a dining group. Currently, new members are not being accepted.