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Locus on Main

Jan 26, 2019  —  

I really like the “global” concept behind Locus – they describe themselves as offering an eclectic fusion of modern and classic dishes that are innovative and globally inspired.

The space has a wonderful warm glow about it, with private nooks and booths creating an intimate ambience. Our group of ten fit quite comfortably around an L-shaped table in a spacious booth. The service was friendly and efficient, and importantly, we never felt pressured to leave when the conversation continued long past the last bite of dessert.

The menu looked very promising, with dishes hailing from around the world like Miso Poutine, Szechuan Prawns, African Lentil & Yam Stew. I had a tough time choosing but decided to go with an Indian theme from Appie to Main to Dessert:

  • Fried Tandoori Gobi – Tandoori cauliflower, rice flour batter, duo of spicy & sweet chutney
  • Curried Lamb Korma – Slow-braised Peace Country, BC-raised lamb shank, coconut-cashew korma curry, winter-spiced almond crumble, saffron-infused basmati rice pilaf with bok choy, heirloom tomatoes, English peas, duo of spicy & sweet chutney
  • Bread Pudding with Mango & Cardamom

Unfortunately, while the food was decent, it failed to truly hit the mark. In trying to do too much, it lost focus on what each dish is all about. The fried gobi were overcooked and the chutneys too sweet and too bland; while the lamb literally melted off the bone, it lacked the earthy rumble, creamy unctuousness, and spicy notes of a korma dish; the bread pudding was quite tasty, but the still-a-bit frozen mango chunks were hard to chew and detracted from the warm comfort of the pudding. Some of the diners around the table felt the $30+ main dishes were over-priced and poor value for money.

So, would I go back? Probably not. But if the Locus gets some focus, I would be happy to try it again.

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@flygyrll is a foodie who’s had the opportunity to travel to over 60 countries. Her passion for travel and food has afforded her a palate and appreciation for world cuisine. She now resides in Vancouver and is systematically working her way through the local food scene as an epicure and hobby blogger.