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The reviews on this site are the opinions of the individual bloggers, who are members of the Dinner Devils.

Gotham Steakhouse

April 8, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

Have you ever walked into one of the great cathedrals of the world – like Notre Dame in Paris or St. Petersburg in Rome – and felt the magnitude of their beauty create an immediate sense of awe and respect? Well, I had a similar experience at Gotham Steakhouse & Bar recently… Read More

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

April 7, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

High quality ingredients, amazing sauce and snacks bar, outstanding service, great value and a tomato broth soup that is as addictive as the lemon pepper garlic wings at Phenom Penh…
Read More


March 30, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

I had really been looking forward to dinner at Vij’s new location on Cambie. The last time I went was when it was still located on South Granville with the relentless line-ups, the chaotic and crammed waiting area with servers frantically passing out free appie samplers… Read More

The Rise Eatery

March 20, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

The Rise Eatery is a sharing plates concept with a vision to create a restaurant that celebrates diversity. Their influences span from Germany to South Korea, China to Peru, and Scotland to Vietnam. What’s not to love about that… Read More

Savio Volpe

March 14, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

I am not a fan of Italian food. That said, this has not stopped me on my quest to find an Italian restaurant in Vancouver that I could visit and I have been meaning to try Savio Volpe for a long time… Read More


March 11, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

The room is bright and airy, with textured wooden tables along with quaint fishing-village décor that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that says, “Take off your coat and stay a while.” And we did…. Read More


February 21, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

Have you ever gone to an amusement park and were so excited that you couldn’t decide which ride to go on first? Well, that is how I felt at Torafuku when I first looked at their menu… Read More

Locus on Main

January 26, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

Locus describes themselves as offering an eclectic fusion of modern and classic dishes that are innovative and globally inspired. The menu looked very promising, with dishes hailing from around the world… Read More

Chop Steakhouse & Bar

January 13, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

Chop Steakhouse & Bar is a serious competitor for the long-time king of steakhouses, The Keg. This place will definitely satisfy your steak cravings. Read More

St Lawrence

January 9, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

For a few hours this evening, I felt like I was back in Paris  or Quebec City.  St Lawrence creates a strong sense of place… and then there was the food. This is Classic French cuisine with Quebecois inspiration. Read More

Calabash Bistro

January 7, 2019  |  By: @flygyrll

The vibe and atmosphere of Calabash Bistro is great and the cocktails are even better.  But I found myself asking “where’s the jerk?” as this is a Caribbean restaurant after all. Read More

Kissa Tanto

December 21, 2018  |  By: @flygyrll

It has received tons of rave reviews and was voted best new restaurant in Canada in 2016.  This place is supposed to be Japanese Italian Fusion. I’d like to say it is more confusion than anything. Read More


October 23, 2018  | By: @flygyrll

Moltaqa is Vancouver’s only Moroccan restaurant. The food was extremely tasty and in full Moroccan splendor with multiple layers of flavours and spices. Read More

Absinthe Bistro

October 4, 2018  |  By: Alistair

It’s a wonderful feeling when you walk out of a restaurant at the end of the evening realizing that all your expectations had been exceeded. That’s precisely how we felt after dining at Absinthe Bistro last night.  Read More


September 8, 2018  |  By: Alistair

I’ve heard great things about West and expected them to be at the same level at Nightingale, AnnaLena and Forage. But like every scale, you can’t have a top without a bottom and West firmly sits on the lower end.  Read More