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Mangia Cucina


Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Forks

We went to Mangia Cucina this week for the first time. I’ve been keeping track of all the restaurants I visit and this one was #330 since moving back to Vancouver in 2017. That many restaurants has afforded me a nuance when trying something new as I have such a broad spectrum of experience to judge it against. And Italian is one of my favourite cuisines, so 32 (or 10%) of my list are Italian restaurants!

Therefore imagine my surprise when I experienced Mangia and was totally and utterly blown away! I’d heard it was good and was excited to try it, however I didn’t think it was possible there was an Italian restaurant in the city I had not tried that was on this level.

The two appetisers we shared as well as my main dish were all vegetarian and that is a rarity for me. It wasn’t deliberate, those dishes were the ones that spoke to me and they were phenomenal.

Mar 23, 2022

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The Burrata In Carroza was breaded burrata cheese and it was one of the best burrata dishes I’ve ever had. Handsdown! I could’ve made a meal out of four or five of those and been completely content.

The Gnocchi Primavera is a dish I would not normally order as gnocchi is not my favourite and it was vegetarian. However, it was done using crispy eggplant and the description was so appetising I couldn’t resist and I’m glad. It was perfection on a plate.

I’ve already booked us to go back in May because I need to go again. I’m sure it will be just as good the second time.

Alistair Henry

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Alistair is a real lover of food having visited 300 restaurants around Vancouver over the last 3 years. Passionate about sharing food while connecting with people, he is the founder and the host of the Dinner Devils.  Having spent 10 years living in Europe, he is bringing some of that food culture back home with the creation of this group.