These images were taken from online but accurately represent what we experienced when we visited. 


The Dinner Devils visited AnnaLena twice in 2018 and will definately be back in 2019. It firmly sits at the top of the restaurants we visited in our inaugural year.


AnnaLena is a cleanly elegant black-and-white room with polished concrete floors, tufted leather benches, modern Lego sculptures to break up the minimalism and a full-frontal glass garage door that strips away all barriers between the dining room and the sidewalk on warm nights.

Mike Robbins is a serious chef with great potential. He is going to be a star. He was already terrific at Oakwood Canadian Bistro, where he elevated classic comfort food with ingenuity and finesse. Now, in his own restaurant, he is much more ambitious.

AnnaLena serves contemporary Canadian fare & creative cocktails in a stylish, modern setting.


1809 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 5B8